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McLernons Business Base 

McLernons Business Base CLIP

The Mission
To be the market leader with a staff and customer focus.

The Vision
The vision for McLernons Business Base - home base for business, is to be the number one retailer in providing Office Furniture, Shop Fixtures and Fittings, Shelving and Storage Systems and Business Equipment.

Our aim is to be a “one-stop-shop’’ for all your business equipment needs across Australia.

Our core objectives are:

  • Best Value for money
  • Quality products
  • Outstanding Service
  • High-level stock availability

Mclernons Company Profile BUSINESS BASE

Company Profile

The McLernon Group of Companies was founded by Peter in the year 2000. The Group started as a sole trader family business selling mainly used office furniture, shelving and shop fittings from premises in Welshpool, Perth, Western Australia. The stock was purchased locally from auctions and directly from businesses upgrading, moving or closing down. The intention was to become the largest dealer in second-hand commercial goods in Western Australia and this aim was quickly achieved. 

As clientele grew, demand for new products to complement the available second-hand stock expanded. Lines of new stock were progressively added to the large stocks of second-hand goods carried by the business. McLernons quickly began to take market share away from its retail competitors. The combination of new and used office furniture, shelving and storage systems, shop fittings and business equipment allows McLernons Business Base to provide a one-stop-shop for most commercial and industrial business requirements.

Growth in Australia

An overview of the new and used office furniture and shelving industry across Australia shows a fragmented retail industry with most businesses confined to one to three stores within each state. Very few are based in more than one state and many are family-owned businesses struggling to compete with other medium-sized importers who have the capacity to import stock. The way is open for a truly national office furniture commercial retail chain. It is the intention of the company to establish a national network of Business Base product selection centers through purchase, acquisition, amalgamation or establishment of new outlets in every state of Australia. Toward this goal the company has been operating several web stores, providing business machines, shelving, racking and storage products, office furniture, fit-outs, and shop fittings to businesses across Australia for many years.

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