The legacy of Chesterfield sofas has been hovering over the interior world for decades. The common rumor about this beautiful piece is that its name was taken from the Earl of Chesterfield. Initially, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the original Chesterfield sofas were settees with an elongated armchair look which had the capacity to accommodate only two persons. But with time, it went through major changes over the decades, while retaining its high end luxurious and beautiful look and build. The modern designs which have been introduced in these sofas are usually like the traditional leather sofas, though. Following are the changes which have been brought seen in Original Chesterfield sofas which and somehow changed the Chesterfield sofas to an item that is used across the world.

There have been major changes in the style and design of the Original Chesterfield sofas. The designs have been made much more modern and contemporary in order to fulfill the modern aesthetics of the interior design. There is a wide range of colours being used, and the same old brownish look now has more lively impression shades such as with deep reds. Similarly, the fabric previously used was leather, but now velvet, silk, cotton, and others etc are also being used commonly. Ana-line is also being used to give a super luxurious leather experience in the most expensive sofas.

Chesterfield sofas may also be covered with separate covers which are now available in either loose or fixed variety. You can also wash these covers, now which give an ease while dealing with these covers.

The Chesterfield sofas are now available in the form of reclining sofas, sectional sofas, sofa beds, and futons. This has increased the use of these sofas, as you can place them in any room and need not to be placed decorated in the living room only.

These variations in Chesterfield sofas have made them the first and foremost choice around the world.