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Binding Type

The type of binding you want for your documents is often as aesthetic as it is practical. The types of binding – as well as their benefits – is definitely worth considering when looking at binding machines.

Plastic comb binding is probably the most economic and popular of all the binding finishes and it is able to bind documents up to 5.08cm - 2 inches – thick (binder dependant). Wire coil binding – also known as ring wire binding – creates booklets and documents that can be opened completely flat on a table or desk.

Wire binding provides a very professional and compact look, as well as able to bind documents up to 25.4mm - 1 inch – thick (binder dependant). Thermal binding is the most unique of all the binding techniques, as it doesn’t punch holes in any of the sheets – merely applies a thermal strip or glue to the spine and binds by heat. It provides a professional book-like finish and is the best method for high volume jobs – it can also bind documents up to 57.15mm – 2.25 inches – thick (binder dependant).

Plastic comb binding is the most popular binding method due to its ability to punch & bind thicker documents – as well as being the most economical. Wire coil binding provides a very professional finished document which is able to be opened completely flat on a table or desk. Thermal binding provides a book-like finish and does not require holes punched thanks to its thermally sealed glue or tape on the spine – it is also able to bind thicker than the other two types (machine dependant).

  • Plastic Comb Binding Machines
  • Thermal Binding Machines
  • Wire Coil Binding Machines

Sheet binding capacity

Generally, the higher the sheet capacity the better, but you should consider how many pages you are likely to be binding and which sheet capacity will suit you the best. The binding sheet capacity for each machine will likely be different. These can be divided in the following:

  • Up to 50 sheets
  • 50-200 sheets
  • 200-400 sheets
  • 400+ sheets

Sheet punching capacity

In order to bind documents following the plastic comb or wire binding methods, you will need punch the sheets that you need to process. Most machines offer various hole punch capacities making the job more or less easy for you. The usual types are:

  • Up to 10 sheet punch capacity
  • 10-20 sheet punch capacity
  • 20+ sheet punch capacity

Operation Type

Most plastic and wire coil binding machines are manual, though we do have a selection of automatic binding machines. Automatic binders not only take the manual labour out of operation, but also the time it might take. Some binding machines also have automatic motors available for purchase to turn them in to automatic binders.

  • Manual Binders
  • Automatic/Electric Binders
  • Automatic Binders Add-on


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