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Sheet capacity

Obviously, the higher the cutting sheet capacity the better, but you should consider how much usage you will likely be getting out of your guillotine and which cutting sheet capacity will suit you the best. Home use or small offices are best suited to anything up to 10-15 sheets, medium to large offices are best suited to 15-40 sheets and the 40 sheets and above option is great for much larger organisations.

  • Up to 10-15 sheets
  • 15-40 Sheets
  • Above 40 sheets

Sheet size and machine weight

The size of the paper you are planning on cutting is definitely worth considering when looking at Guillotines. A larger sheet will require a longer blade and a wider cutting surface which will significantly influence the price of the guillotine. The most common paper sizes for guillotines are:

  • Up to A4
  • A4 to A3
  • A2 & up

the bigger the size, the heavier the guillotine is likely to be – something else that is worth considering.

  • Under 15kg
  • 15-59kg
  • 60kg and up

Operation Type

Most entry to mid-level guillotines will be manually operated – though there is the option of automatic guillotines. Automatic guillotines not only take the manual labour out of operation, but some offer the ability to be programmed for ease of use with jobs such as business cards and others that may be of a repetitive nature.

  • Manual Guillotines
  • Automatic/Electric Guillotines


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