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Surface Size

Interactive whiteboards come in various screen size options and it is important that you take the time to consider which sized screen is right for you.

  • 600-1200mm Wide
  • 1200-2400mm Wide
  • 2400mm+ Wide

Printer Attached

Interacting with your whiteboard is one thing, but being able to print directly from it is great. Many of our interactive whiteboards allow you do just this – including built-in printers for ease of use.

Fixed or Mobile

Interactive whiteboards are great as either fixed screens or mobile solutions. Fixed interactive whiteboards are more traditional and are great for shared areas or if you don’t plan on moving them and are great for preserving floor space. Mobile interactive whiteboards are great if you don’t have adequate wall-space available for mounting and if you want to use them as mobile boards. This is especially the case for boards designed specifically for education.

  • Fixed & Wall Mounted
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Mobile Interactive Whiteboards


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