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Hot laminators are suited for most paper documents and provide the most bubble and crease-free laminating process, relying on heat to seal the laminator pouch or film to the document. Cold laminators are great for laminating any materials which are heat sensitive such as photos and relies on sticky adhesive film that will seal without the need for heat. There also many laminators available which have both hot and cold settings, which generally provide superior cold lamination jobs.

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Hybrid

Number of Rollers

The number of rollers a laminator has will impact greatly on the quality of the final product – the more the better! This is because the more rollers, the more the heat (in the case of a hot laminator) and pressure is distributed, providing a much more even finish and less chance of bumps and bubbles.

  • 1-2 Rolls
  • 3-4 Rolls
  • 5-6 Rolls
  • Above 6 Rolls

Document Size

You should consider the size of the documents you will likely be laminating when looking at laminators. The most common sizes are A4 and A3 but you will be able to find larger laminators that can laminate up to A2 size documents or above.


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