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Buyers Guide: Shredders

Security Level
DIN 32757
Home / Office
1 - 4 Users
< 500 sheets/day
5 - 9 Users
< 2000 sheets/day
10+ Users
2000+ sheets/day
din 2

Security Level 2: 
Strip Width ≤4-6mm
Strip Length ∞
Strip Area ≤ 800mm2

Low/Medium Security

Private information, internal documents.

Ideal 2220 

Fellowes 70S 

HSM Securio C16 

Ideal 2270 

HSM Securio B22


Fellowes 90S 

Fellowes 125i 

Fellowes 225i 

HSM Securio B26 

Ideal 2503 

HSM Securio B34 

ideal 2604 

Ideal 3104 

HSM Securio P36 

- Ideal 4002 

- Intimus 175 S 5.8  


Fellowes Powershred 325i 

Fellowes Powershred 385i 

Fellowes 425i 

Fellowes 485i 

HSM Securio P40 

HSM Securio P44 

- HSM Securio P44 

- Intimus S 14.95s 

- Intimus S 16.50cc 

- Ideal 5009 

din 3

Security Level 3: CROSS CUT
Particle Width ≤ 4mm
Particle Length ≤ 80mm
Particle Area ≤ 320mm2

Security Level 4: CROSS CUT 
Particle Width ≤ 2mm
Particle Length ≤ 15mm
Particle Area ≤ 30mm2

Medium /High Security

Confidential and sensitive information


Rexel Stack & Shred Auto+100X 

- Gold Sovereign 1000 

- Gold Sovereign  2000 

Fellowes 73Ci 

HSM Securio C16 

Gold Sovereign Pro 160 

Fellowes 79ci 

Fellowes AutoMax 150c 

 - HSM Securio B22 

HSM Securio B22 



Rexel auto stack & shred 200x 

Gold Sovereign 3000 

Fellowes 99ci 

Fellowes AutoMax 200c 

Fellowes 125ci 

Rexel Auto stack & Shred 300x

Fellowes AutoMax 350c 

HSM Securio B34 

- HSM Securio B26 

HSM Securio P36  

- Ideal 2503 4x40mm 

- Fellowes AutoMax 550c 

- Rexel Auto Stack & Shred 600XS/T

- Rexel auto stack& shred 750X 

- iDEAL 3104

- Intimus 60 CC 

- Intimus 100cc 

- Ideal 2604 2x15mm

- Intimus 130cc 

- Ideal 4002 4x40mm 

- Ideal 4002 2x15mm 

- Intimus 175 cc


Intimus 175 4x46mm 

- Intimus 175cc Class B 

HSM Securio P40 

HSM Securio P44 

- Fellowes 325ci

- Fellowes 385ci 

- Fellowes 425ci 

 - Intimus 130cc

- Fellowes 485ci

- Intimus 802cc 

- Ideal 4605CC

- Intimus 852CC VS with Hopper 

- Intimus S14.95 CC 

- Intimus 16.86 & Baler 

din 5

Security Level 5:
Particle Width ≤ 0.8mm
Particle Length ≤ 13mm
Particle Area ≤ 10mm2

High/Maximum Security

Top secret or classified documents; required for government, military and research institutes

- Fellowes 450M 

- Rexel Auto stack & Shred +100M 

- Fellowes AutoMax 100M 

- Fellowes 99MS 

- Rexel Auto Stack& Shred 300M 

- Fellowes AutoMax 200M 

- Rexel Auto Stack & Shred 500M 

- HSM Securio B26 Micro 

- HSM Securio B34 Micro 

HSM Securio P36 Micro 

Fellowes 225mi MicroShred 

- HSM Securio P40 Micro  

- HSM Securio P44 Micro  

din 6

Security Level 6
(Unofficial Standard):
Particle Width ≤ 1mm
Particle Length ≤ 5mm
Particle Area ≤ 5mm2

Maximum Security

Top secret or classified documents; required for government, military, and research institutes

 - Fellowes Fortishred 1050HS 

- HSM Securio B26 Super Micro 

- Fellowes Fortishred 3250HS  

HSM Securio B34 Super Micro 

- HSM Securio P36  Super Micro 

- HSM Securio P40 Super Micro 

- HSM Securio P44 Super Micro 


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