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Buyers Guide: Trimmers

paper trimmers

Sheet capacity

Obviously, the higher the cutting sheet capacity the better, but you should consider how much usage you will likely be getting out of your trimmer and which cutting sheet capacity will suit you the best. This can be influenced by the size of your office. A large office will tend to see a higher volume of sheet to be cut at once.

  • Up to 5 sheets
  • 5-10 sheets
  • Above 10 sheets

Sheet size and machine weight

The size of the paper you are planning on cutting is definitely worth considering when looking at Trimmers. You might want to think about the most common size of paper you are likely to be cutting. The standard paper sizes for trimmers are:

  • Up to A4
  • A4 to A3
  • A2 & up

The bigger the size, the heavier the trimmer is likely to be – something else that is worth considering.

  • Under 5kg
  • 5-10kg
  • Above 10kg


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