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Surface type

How frequently you or your team are likely to use your whiteboard will help guide you to buy the right surface for you. In terms of whiteboards, Porcelain whiteboards provide the superior quality and finish, are scratch and stain resistant and are ideal for common areas or meeting/conference rooms. Premium whiteboards provide a similar look and feel to the Premium surface whiteboards, but are more prone to wear and tear. Glass boards on the other hand, provide a stylish alternative to regular whiteboards and can be a colourful alternative in terms of aesthetics. To help selection, we have also provided printed whiteboard options that include glass, porcelain and premium surface options. They are great for calendars, memo boards, sheet music and grids.

Premium surfaces are great for entry level surfaces, but are prone to scratches, dents and smudges. Porcelain surfaces provide superior quality and are scratch and stain resistant. Glass surface boards are great for adding some extra colour and style to your office or workspace and printed surface boards are great as calendar, memo board, sheet music lines and gridline solutions.

  • Porcelain Surface
  • Premium Surface
  • Glass Surface
  • Printed Surface

Fixed or Mobile

How you plan to use your whiteboard can be limited by a board’s mobility. Fixed whiteboards and glass boards are more traditional and are great for shared areas or if you don’t plan on moving them and are great for preserving floor space. Mobile whiteboards are great if you don’t have adequate wall-space available for mounting and if you want to use them as mobile boards.

  • Fixed & Wall Mounted Boards
  • Mobile Whiteboards

Surface Size

Size is always a contributing factor and we offer solutions in many different sizes. It is important to consider the space you have to work with before deciding on the size of whiteboard or glass board you need, as well as if the size justifies the use of the board.

  • 600mm or under Wide
  • 600-1200mm Wide
  • 1200-2400mm Wide
  • 2400mm+ Wide


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