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Ideal 5560 Guillotine Side Tables

For use with either the IDEAL 5560 guillotine.

$ 1100.00

Ideal 1058 Guillotine A3 (40 Sheet ) - 580mm

Precision guillotines with all metal construction.

$ 1299.00

Ideal 1071 Guillotine Oversize A2

Heavy duty, precise guillotine with automatic blade guard & manual clamp

$ 1690.00

Ideal 4305 Manual Guillotine

Powerful electric guillotine perfect for effortless cutting and trimming

$ 2345.00

Sunray 433 Paper Guillotine

The Sunray 433 is the perfect solution for any small or in-house print s

$ 10974.00

Ideal 4855 Electric Guillotine

Electric guillotine offering both automatic clamping and cutting.

$ 12615.00

Sunray 433P Paper Guillotine

World"s Smallest Programmable Power Guillotine

$ 13740.00

Ideal 4860 Electric Guillotine

Two-step blade activating bars offers pre-programmed paper formats.

$ 13783.00

Ideal 5255 Electric Guillotine

Professional guillotine which features EASY-CUT and automatic clamp.

$ 14235.00

Ideal 5560 Electric Guillotine

Two-step blade activating bars offers pre-programmed paper formats.

$ 24340.00

Sunray 490P Guillotine

Programmable Hydraulic Guillotine

$ 26365.00

Sunray 660P Guillotine

Programmable Hydraulic Guillotine for quick instant print shops

$ 32739.00

Ideal 7260 LT Electric Guillotine

Electro-mechanical blade drive

$ 36999.00

Sunray 800P Commercial Guillotine

Fully Programmable perfect for commercial use

$ 47609.00


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