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Kensington® Blackbelt 2nd Degree Case – For Ipad 9.7″

The iPad is a popular device in the classroom, conference room, out in the field and used by families and the mobile...

Was $ 64.00
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$ 39.00

Kensington Combo Saver Combination Laptop Lock

Superior strength lock head to resist tampering, push button design for one hand operation to easily install lock...

Kensington Clicksafe Combination Laptop Lock

Designed to be the easiest to use lock available

Kensington Blackbelt 2nd Degree Rugged Case – For Pro 6, Surface Pro ( 5th Gen ) & Surface Pro 4

The Surface™ Pro is being touted as the perfect laptop replacement, offering an incredible combination of productivity...

Kensington Clicksafe 2.0 For Dell Devices

The clicksafe® 2.0 lock provides one-Step security after a modified clicksafe security anchor has been installed into...

Kensington Clicksafe 2.0 Keyed Lock

Kensingtons clicksafe 2.0 keyed laptop lock offers all the strength and one-Click convenience and key-less engagement...

Kensington Privacy Screen For Macbook 12

Help protect the sensitive information on your macbook 12-Inch and reduce the chances of wandering eyes viewing...

Kensington® Privacy Screen Macbook Pro 13

Macbook pro 13-Inch reduces the chances of wandering eyes viewing confidential data on your screen. This series of...

Kensington Locking Bracket For Surface Book 13.5

Kensington's locking bracket for 13.5" surface book sets the standard for securing Microsoft's 13.5" surface book....

Kensington® Privacy Screen Macbook Pro 15


Kensington® Snap2 Privacy Screen For Widescreen 20

Protect your screen from prying eyes with the Privacy Screen for 20" - 22" Widescreen Monitors

Kensington® Privacy Screen For Widescreen 27

Protect your screen from prying eyes with the Privacy Screen for 27" Widescreen Monitors

Kensington® Snap2 Privacy Screen For Widescreen 22

Protect your screen from prying eyes with the Privacy Screen for 22" - 24" Widescreen Monitors

Kensington® Charge Back With Locking Door Charging Rack

Universal compatibility stores and charges up to 12 ac-Powered devices, including Chromebook, surface/Surface Pro,...

Kensington Charge & Sync Universal Tablet Cabinet

With space for up to 10 tablets including iPads, galaxy tabs, kindles and more, the cabinet is the perfect place to...

Kensington ac12 charge & sync cabinet for laptops & Chromebook

Lockable ac charging cabinet with individual sliding drawers for 12 devices

$ 1029.00


12 December 2018
The legacy of Chesterfield sofas has been hovering over the interior world for decades. The common rumor about this beautiful piece is that its name was taken from the Earl of Chesterfield. Initially, in the 18th and 19th centurie...
12 October 2018
You've probably noticed that office interiors have come a long way, particularly in the past 10 years with the standardisation of open plan workspaces but also the development and adoption of components such as; modular furnishings, ergonomics, remov...
23 August 2018
If you call yourself a professional, and your business is a small start-up or multistory multi-national, office machines and technology is undoubtedly crucial to day-to-day operations, right?Business tools are only as useful as they are good if they ...